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Synonyms and Antonyms of CHEAT :

CHEAT – verb

0. Your share-holders have cheated you more than 2 crores.

Synonyms - Deceive, swindle, dupe, hoodwink, defraud, fleece, gull, hoax, bilk, delude

0. His heart was filled with rancor when he found that his dearest friend had deceived him.

0. He is the chief of the famous stock-market racket that swindled investors with forged share certificates.

0. Beware of the door-to-door salesmen who defraud the housewives by taking advances for the articles which they never deliver.

0. An art collector was fleeced of a million rupees by a cheat who sold him counterfeit paintings.

0. The barrister tried to hoodwink the jury by confusing the main issue.

0. The television play hoaxed viewers into believing an invasion was imminent.

0. The innocent villagers are often duped by crooks when they come to the cities.

0. This news is designed to delude the public about the true extent of casualties in the army action.

Antonyms - Fair, true, above-board, just

0. This is a nutshell is a fair assessment of the present situation.

0. I shall be grateful if you give us a true picture of the problem.

0. In that case I will offer you my above board opinion.

0. The government tries to be just while settling industry-labour disputes.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CHEAT

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