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Synonyms and Antonyms of CHECK :

CHECK – verb

0. Before you leave your house, you have to check whether you have closed your doors properly.

Synonyms - Stop, impede, hinder, control, curb, subdue, repress

0. They put up all the resistance but could not stop the enemy forces from advancing.

0. The crowd at the scene of accident impeded the arrival of the police.

0. Bad weather hindered the military operation.

0. He was able to control his momentary impulse to tell his boss what he thought of him.

0. The movement became so overwhelming and unwieldy that the police force could not curb it.

0. It has become difficult for him to subdue his spoiled child.

0. The situation has exploded. The Government cannot now repress the rebellion.

Antonyms - Speed, hurry, expedite, accelerate, quicken, hasten, precipitate

0. In large cities the government fixes a maximum limit on the speed of vehicles.

0. Hurry up! Buy before the stocks are exhausted.

0. You should expedite the completion of this book.

0. The driver accelerated the speed of the car to catch up with the on-going traffic.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CHECK

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