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Synonyms and Antonyms of CHEER :

CHEER – verb

0. Many girls have been appointed to cheer up the players.

Synonyms - Comfort, solace, gladden, enliven, exhilarate, applaud, clap, praise

0. Some politicians are more worried about their own comfort than about the welfare of the public.

0. The Captain did his best to solace the wounded and dying soldiers during the battle.

0. He was gladdened by the news of his success in the examination.

0. He felt listless until the sea breeze exhilarated him and steadied his nerves.

0. The outspoken couple can always be counted on to enliven a dull party.

0. The audience rose as one to applaude the Captain on his victory.

0. He praised his friend as being one of the finest human beings he had ever met.

0. The audience clapped or five minutes when the film stars appeared on the stage.

Antonyms - Deject, depress, dishearten, sadden, discourage, damp, decry, deprecate, disparage, vilify, condemn, condole

0. I felt dejected on hearing the news of my brother’s failure in the examination.

0. This depressed me for a number of days. Don’t feel disheartened but work hard from now on, I told my brother.

0. The parents condoled and wept over the loss of their child.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CHEER

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