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Synonyms and Antonyms of CHOKE :

CHOKE – verb

0. Less oxygen will make the people to choke to death.

Synonyms - Strangle, suffocate, smother, stifle, throttle

1. She was strangled to death by the dacoits.

2. The atmosphere of the room was so suffocating that I could not stay there for over a minute.

3. The Caravan was smothered in dust while passing through Rajasthan.

4. The heat in Calcutta was stifling.

4. The angry mother-in-law throttled her daughter-in-law to death.

Antonyms - Oxygenate, freshen, ventilate, air

1. The patient was first oxygenated. Then put on glucose.

2. Campa Cola is an effective freshener.

3. This house is o.k. except for its ventilation.

3. We need fresh air to keep healthy.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CHOKE

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