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Synonyms and Antonyms of CHOOSE :

CHOOSE – verb

0. I have chosen this cycle over other brands for its shiny-nature.

Synonyms - Select, prefer, pick, elect, cull

1. She was so confused to see the large variety of series that she could not select one for her.

2. Chandershekher Azad preferred death to yielding to the Britishers.

3. The beginning of the trial had to be delayed owing to difficulty in picking the right kind of jurors.

4. The high school hockey team elected John as the Captain.

5. A sheep breeder culls the weak animals from his flock.

5. A housewife in a supermarket, confronted by several tins of tomato of identical size and quality, often picks the one nearest to her.

Antonyms - Reject, discard, renounce, spurn, disapprove

1. I rejected the over-ripe apples but bought the rest.

2. I have discarded the old furniture, so I need new one.

3. The old bachelor has renounced this world and gone to the Himalayas for meditation.

4. I am a democrat but spurn the overcrowded and underfed poor.

4. He has disapproved the purchase of this building.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CHOOSE

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