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Synonyms and Antonyms of CIRCULATE :


0. Please, circulate these question papers among the students.

Synonyms - Propagate, spread, advertise, publish, diffuse, disseminate

1. Some politicians even today propagate the concept of racial superiority for their dubious ends.

2. Ideas spread more rapidly in the present age of instant communications.

3. Only big companies can afford to advertise their products through the television.

4. The editors have formed a guild to publish a new magazine.

5. The diffused light of the candles on every table lent a pleasant intimate air to the restaurant.

5. In recent times, it was Gandhi who disseminated the gospel of truth and non-violence.

Antonyms - Quieten, silence, hush, repress

1. Calmpose tablets will quieten the patient and let him sleep.

2. There was complete silence in the room after Satish left the meeting abruptly.

3. The police have hushed the murder case to avoid damage to their reputation.

3. Any control on news media will only repress the anti-government circles.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CIRCULATE

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