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Synonyms and Antonyms of CLING :

CLING – verb

0. You need not cling to your job, if you do not like it any longer.

Synonyms - Attach, adhere, stick, cleave, together, hold err, brace, hug

1. A door is attached to the doorpost by hinges.

2. He always adheres to his principles.

3. This tape won't adhere to a slick surface.

4. He sticks doggedly at his physics homework until midnight.

5. A Hindu considers it his duty to cleave to his marriage partner through thick and thin.

6. Religion has a force which can hold the masses together for long.

7. They turned to hug each other as soon as they were in a secluded corner of the park.

8. This thesis embraces the major ideas you suggested.

8. You seem to hug at all the facts, old and new.

Antonyms - Surrender, give up, forgo, relinquish, resign, cede

1. After long discussion I surrendered to his way of thinking.

2. I gave up the hope of winning her over.

3. I cannot forgo my respect for matrimony.

4. I relinquished the charge of my old post the other day.

5. I resigned from the old post last month.

5. Israel has ceded west bank of the canal to the Palestinians.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CLING

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