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Synonyms and Antonyms of COMMON :

COMMON - adjective

1. India and Pakistan have common border of around 2000 kms between them.

Synonyms - Usual, frequent, ordinary, familiar, vulgar, mean, hackneyed, trite, low

1. Father has gone out for his usual evening walk.

2. The patient was frequented by Malaria every year.

3. We travelled in an ordinary compartment.

4. It is nice to be back in the old familiar room.

5. His vulgar table manners shocked all the guests.

6. He is so mean that he never helps the poor.

7. This is a story written beautifully but concerned with the trite theme of adolescent loneliness.

8. I don't like the hackneyed jargon of movie-romance magazines.

9. His low position in the society was exploited by his neighbour.

Antonyms - Unusual, infrequent, extraordinary, exceptional, unfamiliar, choice, refined, cultured, polished, genteel

1. It is unusual of the Director to visit the factory without prior notice.

2. The Director's visits to our establishment are infrequent.

3. The extraordinary meeting of the Non-aligned members was held in New York to press for an early freedom of Namibia.

4. There are many topics in our syllabus which need exceptional treatment.

5. These premises are unfamiliar to our pet dog.

6. Zimbabwe was the unanimous choice of the Non-aligned members for the summit in 1986.

7. Nescafe is one of the refined brands of Indian Coffee.

Synonyms and Antonyms of COMMON

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