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Synonyms and Antonyms of COMPANY :

COMPANY - noun

1. Many students have turned up for this program with our company.

Synonyms - Collection, crowd, troupe, assemblage, group, gathering, firm, assembly, house, gang, conclave

1. Have you seen my stamp collection?

2. Rotary Club is a collection of educated and kind hearted persons who occasionally organise charitable programmes for the poor.

3. The angry crowd raised slogans against the leader because he did not keep his word of honour on an important issue.

4. There was an assemblage of workers at Boat Club who were on strike.

5. The group leaders elected by the students have given a representation to the vice Chancellor.

6. There was a large gathering of villagers at the cattle show.

7. A large number of stores were purchased by a new firm.

8. All the Ministers gathered in the Assembly Hall after the question hour.

9. A gang of deceits looted the whole village.

10. The conclave of opposition leaders will meet at Bangalore next month.

11. This dance troupe is setting out on a world tour very shortly.

Antonyms - Individual, isolated, alone, single

1. The Indian constitution provides numerous freedoms to the individual.

2. These freedoms are part of the Fundamental Rights but not isolated from the Directive Principles.

3. The freedoms are not alone; they are accompanied by Fundamental Duties of citizens.

4. Ramesh is single. That means that he is not married.

Synonyms and Antonyms of COMPANY

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