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Synonyms and Antonyms of CONSUMPTION :


1. Continuous consumption of alcohol for many years will eat into your lungs.

Synonyms - Extinction, decline, waste, expenditure, dissipation, destruction

1. Government has taken several steps to protect the species of animals facing extinction.

2. The number of lions in India is on the decline these years.

3. The enemy laid waste a number of villages before they retreated.

4. The typhoon caused great destruction in Manila last year.

5. Although his income has increased considerably his expenditure still exceeds his income.

6. He dissipates his energies in productive works. That is why he remains short of funds.

Antonyms - Preservation, increase, gain, income, accumulation, addition

1. Preservation is the first law of a healthy life.

2. There has been a tremendous increase in food grains production during the last decade.

3. There is a phenomenal gain in the national product this year.

4. My income has increased more than my expenditure in recent years. Hence I have accumulated some savings.

Synonyms and Antonyms of CONSUMPTION

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