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Synonyms and Antonyms of DELIVER :

DELIVER – verb

1. The post-man delivered this letter few days back.

Synonyms - Free, discharge, liberate, surrender, release, rescue, save, yield, relinquish, handover

1. He was freed from jail before the expiry of his term for his good conduct and behaviour.

2. The patient was discharged from the hospital although he was not fully well.

3. Goa was liberated by India from the Portuguese in 1961.

4. Ninety thousand soldiers of Pakistan army surrendered to the Indian army in 1971 war.

5. After the war, India released all the prisoners of war to Pakistan.

6. The boatman reached in time and saved him from drowning.

7. The new variety of rice will yield very good results.

8. The General will relinquish charge of his post to the new incumbent on the last day of this month.

9. The court ordered him to handover the property to his brother, the real owner.

Antonyms - Arrest, imprison, capture, apprehend, catch, seize, adopt, withhold, keep, appropriate

1. The thief was arrested by the police.

2. He was imprisoned after the court had investigated and found him guilty.

3. The police was able to apprehend and capture the head of the gang of robbers.

Synonyms and Antonyms of DELIVER

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