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Synonyms and Antonyms of DESCRIBE :


Of course, you have described your car in detail.

Synonyms - Explain, relate, illustrate, tell, draw, define, narrate, recount

1. The science teacher explained the phenomenon with the help of illustrations.

2. The politicians try to relate unconnected incidents to blame their opponents.

3. He illustrated his point with a number of examples of convince the audience.

4. The father drew blank when his son asked him to tell about his love affairs with another lady.

5. One cannot define God as it is not possible to define what is supernatural.

6. The hunter rejoiced in narrating his adventures.

7. His heart is filled with sorrow to recount his unlucky childhood.

Antonyms - Falsify, mystify, misrepresent, suppress, obscure, misinterpret

1. His failure in the final examination falsified all his past record of brilliance.

2. The phenomenal rise of the young man mystified the expectations of the old leader.

3. The salesman booked the order by misrepresenting the virtues of the product.

Synonyms and Antonyms of DESCRIBE

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