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Synonyms and Antonyms of DISCLOSE :


1. You should have disclosed your income to wife well before your marriage.

Synonyms - Reveal, uncover, confess, expose, unveil, betray, unfold

1. His business secrets were revealed to the income tax department by his own secretary.

2. When he unveiled the statue, he was amazed at its beauty and artistic excellence. 3. A true Christian confesses his guilt in the Church.

4. The captain was blamed to have exposed the soldiers to the enemy’s fire to save his own skin.

5. When the police uncovered the box they found a dead body in it.

6. The king was defeated because his own general had betrayed him.

7. The grand mother unfolded a new story to the children every night.

Antonyms - Conceal, cover, suppress, hide, veil, dissemble, cloak

1. His expressionless face concealed the shock of the tragedy.

2. He covered the face of the dead person.

3. He could not finally suppress his shock and burst into tears.

Synonyms and Antonyms of DISCLOSE

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