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Synonyms and Antonyms of DISPLACE :


1. You might have displaced your mobile-phone somewhere.

Synonyms - Dislocate, remove, oust, supplant, supersede

1. The boss ordered the peon to remove the files from his table.

2. The accident not only broke his leg but also dislocated his joints.

3. The Chief Minister was ousted from party leadership by a no-confidence vote.

4. He was superseded by his junior. He has therefore decided to resign from service.

5. Electric light has superseded gaslight in many towns.

6. Trams are being supplanted by buses in this great city.

Antonyms - Establish, settle, set, secure, root, plant

1. My college was established in 1970.

2. Let us settle our differences and live like friends.

3. The factory is now well set to bring profits.

4. We can now feel quite secure. Thanks to the restoration of law and order in the city.

Synonyms and Antonyms of DISPLACE

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