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Synonyms and Antonyms of DRY :

DRY - adjective

1. One should consume more dry fruits and fresh fruits.

2. Many districts in India have gone dry because of lack of rain.

Synonyms - Parched, arid, barren, tedious, dehydrated, crisp, desiccated

1. The acute drought left the soil very much parched making it unfit for cultivation.

2. The Institute of Agricultural Research has invented a new technique of farming for arid tracts of land.

3. A good part of land on the high hills has to be left barren due to inaccessibility.

Antonyms - Damp, wet, moistened, fresh, lively, moist, soggy

1. Mumbai's climate is damp throughout the year owing to the sea.

2. This towel is wet; it may not soak the water of my body.

3. Let me moisten my hands. They are too dry to be activated for operating this machine.

Synonyms and Antonyms of DRY

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