Synonyms and Antonyms of EXACT

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Synonyms and Antonyms of EXACT :

EXACT – adjective

Meanings :

1. marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact

2. strictly correct

In sentences :

1. Please write down your exact age.

2. The colours make an exact match.

3. I have taken until now to pin down its exact location.

Synonyms - Truthful, correct, careful, precise, strict

1. The witness gave a truthful account of the accident.

2. She was wearing the correct dress for a formal dinner.

3. The parts of a watch must be precise or else it does not work.

4. The laws on speeding have been made stricter for observance.

5. Children should be taught to be very careful while crossing the road.

Antonyms - Inexact, erring, incorrect, careless, negligent, untruthful

1. The statistics used for this conclusion seem to be inexact. Therefore they need rechecking.

2. The erring figure spoilt the final result of the computer programme.

3. It is incorrect to say that I deliberately evaded discussion on the controversial issue in the last meeting.

4. You should not be careless in future.

Synonyms and Antonyms of EXACT

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