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Synonyms and Antonyms of EXERTION :


Meanings :

1. use of physical or mental energy
2. hard work

In sentences :

1. She tried to avoid physical exertion.

2. By the end of the walk, he was breathless with exertion.

Synonyms - Energy, strain, effort, stretch, pull, tug, spurt, struggle, pain, trouble, endeavor

1. Einstein has proved that matter and energy are convertible into each other.

2. I can realise your strain of working while suffering from a painful back ailment.

3. In spite of his best efforts he could not win any prize.

4. He stretched his arm to the maximum but could not catch the moving train.

5. He was praised for pulling the fallen climber out of the crevasse.

6. He was tugging at my sleeve to ask directions.

7. The Red Cross endeavors to alleviate the suffering of mankind.

8. Fruits of one's struggle are most enjoyable.

9. The President of the Society has taken pains to save it from being wound up.

10. He is always in trouble.

Antonyms - Rest repose, peace, tranquility, idleness, laziness

1. I switched off the machine and it came to rest.

2. Her face is a mirror of her sweet repose.

3. I have made peace with my boss by clarifying all the misunderstandings.

Synonyms and Antonyms of EXERTION

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