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Synonyms and Antonyms of FIND :

FIND - verb

Meanings :

1. discover or determine the existence and presence
2. perceive or be contemporaneous with

In sentences :

1. A faithful friend is hard to find.

2. Love will find out the way.

3. We have found advertising on the radio very effective.

4. Seabirds often come inland to find food.

Synonyms - Locate, learn, unearth, detect, ascertain, discover

1. Kanniya Kumari is located in the extreme south of India.

2. We should learn the essentials of healthy living by heart.

3. The police was finally able to unearth the headquarters of the spy ring.

4. I have detected quite a few factual errors in this book.

Antonyms - Forget, miss, mislay

1. It is good to forget the unlucky past and start a new era with sincere effort.

2. I missed the train by just a few seconds.

3. Ramesh mislaid his purse during his journey and had to face lot of inconvenience.

Synonyms and Antonyms of FIND

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