Synonyms and Antonyms of HESITATE

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Synonyms and Antonyms of HESITATE :


Meanings :

1. Pause in uncertainty
2. Hold back in unwillingness
2. Interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing

In sentences :

0. He seemed to hesitate a second.

0. Do not hesitate to come with me to the school.

0. If you hesitate, we will leave you behind.

Synonyms - Waver, totter, pause, demur, falter, vacillate, worry

0. She hesitated only so long as he wavered.

0. He paused long enough before each painting in order to note the painters’ name.

0. She faltered in her denunciation of him as she remembered the good points of her man.

0. While she hesitated, he vacillated between positive and negative thoughts of her.

0. The majority was in favour of the plan, but a few demurred.

0. Don't worry too long in coming to a decision.

0. The vase tottered and fell on the hard ground.

Antonyms - Determine, settle, end, decide, resolve

0. I am determined to make a success of this project.

0. The differences between the husband and wife need to be settled once and for all.

0. The controversy over political issues should be ended without delay.

0. We should decide about the course of action to be taken in this behalf.

1. The problems could then be resolved with ease.

Synonyms and Antonyms of HESITATE

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