Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms and Antonyms :

Look at the following sentences.

Jack saw a huge giant.
Jack saw an enormous giant.

The words huge and enormous mean the same.
They are known as synonyms.

Can you think of other words that you could use instead of ‘huge’ and ‘enormous’?
Write down at least five words that mean ‘huge’.
You may consult a thesaurus.

Now look at the following sentences.

Gulliver landed in a strange place that had very tiny people.
In his next voyage, Gulliver landed in a place that had huge people.

The words tiny and huge are opposite meaning words.
Such words are known as antonyms.

Can you think of any other antonyms of the word ‘huge’?
Write down at least five antonyms of ‘huge’.

Synonyms and antonyms help to vary your vocabulary when you are writing and help to make it very interesting.

1. Find at least three synonyms for the following words.


2. Find at least three antonyms for the following words.


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