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Telephone :

It is a means of communication. It was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875. It carries speech in the form of electrical signals along a wire. This is the gift and wonderful thing of science. Once it was considered to be a luxury.

Now it has become a very common thing. The invention of telephone is a boon to the man, because it helps him in so many ways. It is very useful in urban areas. A person can speak with another person who is thousands of miles faraway. In big cities, everybody depends upon it. Business, industrial firms, public and private undertakings, offices, doctors use this. Business men transact crores of rupees business through phones. Industrial firms can place orders for the supply of raw materials and at the same time they can sell the finished product through phone.

This is very useful for general public. They can contact any special doctor on phone. A person may call the police when there is a need. The people can contact the principal of the school and can ascertain matters of their wards. Railway booking, Gas booking and reservation can also be done. People can contact their friends or relatives staying in Foreign countries within a matter of seconds. Whenever there is a function in the house, it is not possible to visit all the houses of relatives and friends to invite them to function. Then people can make use of the telephone. These are some of the benefits of telephone.

There are some disadvantages also. The first one is this. It creates enmity and unfriendliness of neighbours. The neighbours want to use the telephone for their benefits. Some of them are so frank and free that they give our number to their relatives and friends. If we fail to call the neighbour at odd hour when it rings for him, The neighbour will become angry.

The telephone bell rings at odd hours when we are in our bath, in bed or eating lunch. This is another disadvantage. Grown up children make it a point to call their friends daily and have a long talk. This will increase the bill and it will be an unnecessary burden to the head of the family If he is a wealthy man it is Ok. But what about a person who is not so rich and a pensioner. So some care must be taken while using a phone. This can be used for important things and for emergency.


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