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Television :

Television is the best and wonderful gift of science. People should be indebted to science. In radio we hear but in television. we not only see things but also hear the sound. So hearing and seeing occur at the same time.

John Logie Baird (J.L. Baird) of Britain invented the television - (mechanical) in 1926 and P.T. Farnsworth of U.S.A invented television (electronic) in 1927. Television is not a new thing to India. Thousands of years ago Sanjaya the narrator of the Mahabharatha war had a wonderful chance of seeing the entire war sitting in the palace with the blind King Drutharashtra. The sage VedaVyasa granted a boon to him. The picture of the battle appeared before him like television and he narrated the same to the King.

Television is really an astonishing thing. How does the sound come from a long distance? What about the picture that appears before us? Isn’t wonderful? It has become the most popular thing in the whole world. In course of time every village will have the pleasure of viewing television.

The scientists in India have launched a satellite named Apple which will broadcast Television programmes throughout the country. There are other channels also like sports, music, animal life, nature, scientific experiments and medicine, surgery. These various subjects help the students to gain knowledge. So television has the great educational value. The students will get an opportunity of observing complicated and difficult experiments and important operations like, heart, brain and replacement of organs. They listen the speeches of eminent scholars on various subjects.

Television provides good recreation to the viewers. The different types of cultural programmes like music, drama, dance and speeches will be telecasted. The viewer can choose whatever programme he likes. The most popular item in the television is the sports telecast. It is a feast to the eyes when we see important sports or games competitions. The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games 2002 in Sydney is still dancing before our eyes. It is like a real heaven.

Through satellites or foreign telecasts foreign television programmes are also available in India. An Indian viewer can see at home what the American or the Japanese see in their homes. Another interesting thing of the television is news. In the television, events take place right before our eyes. For example, The Independence Day celebration. We can see the flag hoisting ceremony, parade and speech of the P.M. in our home itself.

The people of other states know and understand the life, customs and traditions of other states. It bounds the people of other countries. So far so good.

Television has disadvantages also. Both young and old have become addicts to television students neglect their studies. Even elders sit in front of television hours together. Not all the programmes good. They are bad and have no cultural value. There are so many television serials which have no good stories, no good dialogues and cheap jokes. Some serials are so worst that the whole members of the family cannot sit and watch the television. The television addiction has affected the eyes. Most of the children in Japan wear spectacles. Sometimes to work and sometimes to television should become the motto of the people.


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