Temperate :

Temperate : (adjective) [of part of the world climate]

Meanings :

1. Free from very or very low temperatures

2. Practising or showing self control

Example Sentences :

1. The temperate zones of the world are found to the north and south of the tropics.

2. Temperate plants are those that live in a temperate climate.

3. Gandhi was noted for his temperate habits.

4. He was always temperate in his behaviour.

5. These animals only survive in temperate latitudes.

6. Britain and many European Countries have a temperate climate.

7. Only a few plants and animals penetrate into the temperate zone.

8. There are only a small number of species found in the northern temperate zone.

9. Those who have temperate habits will have better mental stamina.

10. I am not a person of temperate attitude.


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