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Terrorism :

The worst possible problem of the world is terrorism. It is a system of frightening people by the terrorists. Senator Denton has called it as the most widely practiced form of modem warfare. It is an international phenomenon ranging air-craft, planting of bombs in air-crafts and brutal killing of opponents. The news papers are filled with reports of violence, murder, explosion, shooting. The motives behind terrorism may be political, personal and religion. Whatever may be the motive it affects the lives of the people.

What do the terrorists gain from their acts of cold cruelty?

They strike out of desperation and they gain nothing at all.

Why do the youths become terrorists?

It is a long story. We may sum up very briefly. After the dawn of independence, the political leaders of our country neglected the progress of the land. They became selfish and started to amass wealth. There has been rampant of corruption. The age old system of education produces lakhs of graduates. The education is not helpful to get a job. So the unemployment problem increased day by day. The youths are desperate. Their future is unknown. The politicians, religious leaders and other selfish persons began to get the help of these unemployed youths.

Is there any remedy to eradicate this problem? Nothing is impossible for man. Those who are in power should understand their responsibility towards all sections of the society. They should stop thinking about their own interests or the interests of the party or the caste of their own. They should stop amassing money and materials and property. They should serve the humanity honestly. The present day political leaders are the main cause of terrorism in the whole world.


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