The Accused Son of Wazir

The Accused Son of Wazir :

Prince Syed was a daring young man. He loved sports and adventures. Being trained in warfare, he was constantly looking for more action. One day his father, the king told him not to be so dashing. But Syed did not pay heed to it!

“All parents are alike. They are scared that something bad may happen to even grown-up boys like me” he told himself.

He was a good swimmer too. He sailed often to different countries. One day, it so happened that the ship he was sailing was caught in the storm! He joined the sailors who fought a losing battle to keep the ship afloat. But it all went in vain! The ship capsized and the crew members were flung up in the air!

Syed was the only man to survive! He fought relentlessly. At last, he managed to reach an island. It was an uninhibited island! He did not see anybody over there. He decided to explore the island the next day. So, he selected a safe place and slept there for the night.

That night he had an odd dream! In the dream, an old man with a long beard told him, “There is a statue in this island. Find that one and chop off its head. Then you will reach home safely!” The next morning, he got up and explored the island.

He spotted a statue under a tree. He grabbed a stone and smashed its head as he was told and turned to go. Few yards away, he saw a boat and an oar on the river bank! Feeling happy, he jumped onto the boat and rowed aimlessly. On the way, he saw an opening in the nearby mountain.

He knew that pirates use such hideouts. So in order to find some food over there, he reached the mountain, tied the boat and carefully and went inside the cave. It was dark all the way. But keeping the oar as a weapon, he proceeded. Then he saw an opening at the far end where the sun light lit its interior.

But what he saw over there surprised him! There was a young man of his age group. Syed noticed a bewildered expression on his face! Syed went up to him and asked him who he was and what he was doing alone there.

“My name is Imtiaz. I am the son of a Wazir. But I am an accursed fellow. It’s my bad fate! My father had once ill-treated a magician. He cursed me saying that a prince by name Syed would come and put me to death! It scared my father. He sent me here to duck out of sight so that none could find me. But I can take anything as per my fate so are you the prince, Syed?” said that man.

Syed felt sorry for him. To console him, he lied his name was Moshin and that he was a wanderer. Indeed that was pleasing to Moshin. Because they were of equal age. And the friendship between them quickly strengthened!

Syed made some sharp weapons from the sticks “How do you pass your time here? And what do you do for your food and water?” he asked Imtiaz.

“Here,” Imtiaz indicated one corner, “I have got sufficient food for one week. My father comes here alone, once a week, bringing me the food, clothes, books, medicines and all other essential things. So, no problem for me! I am fine. There is stream for water. Its water is very sweet. I take bath in the water and wash my cloths too! I have an oven and fuel too, to cook.”

Syed took pity on him. “Don’t worry. Now that I have come, let us enjoy the new surrounding!” he said.

Together they did swim in the stream, caught fish and explored the island. They cooked their lunch and dinner. Then there were some plantain trees and mango trees. They ate the fruits of those trees and they spent their time.

Syed realized that it was time to leave. He decided to spend the last day over there happily. That afternoon, they went still farther into the island. They saw a row of coconut trees over there. “Shall we cut some coconuts?” Syed suggested, but Imtiaz said he could not climb the tree.

“Never mind, I can,” Syed (Moshin) said and climbed up the coconut tree. He cut few coconuts and dropped them down. Imtiaz collected everything and piled them up at one comer.

Then it happened!

One big coconut dropped by Syed hit a tree branch bounced away from it and fell on the head of the Wazir’s son, Imtiaz! At once, he screamed and collapsed. Syed got down and rushed to him. But the head injury had killed him!

The curse of the magician had come true!

The Accused Son of Wazir

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The Accused Son of Wazir - The Accused Son of Wazir
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