The Aims of Olympic Games

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The Aims of Olympic Games :

Coubertin wished to improve national and international understanding through sports. He wanted to promote the fine physical and moral qualities. The main aim of the games is to bring together the athletes of the world in a great quadrennial festival of sports. It will create the international respect and goodwill and thus helping to construct a better and more peaceful world. The choice of a city for the celebration of the Games lies solely with the International Olympic Committee.

The Olympic Symbol Comprises five rings or circles. They are linked together to represent the continents - Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and South America. These rings represent the sporting friendship of all peoples. Each ring is of a different colour - blue, yellow, black, green and red.


The Olympic Flag created in 1913 at the suggestion of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. It was solemnly inaugurated in Paris in June 1914. But it was raised over an Olympic stadium for the first time at the Antwerp Games in 1920. There is also a second Olympic flag, which is used for the winter games. These flags are made of white silk and contain five intertwined rings. From left to right the rings are blue, yellow black, green and red. At least one of these colours is found on the flag of every country.

Olympic Motto : Rev. Father Didion gave the Olympic Motto – Citius, Aldus and Fortius (faster, higher and stronger). He used this motto for the time.

The captain of the host country’s team takes the oath in the name of all the competitors. The oath reads….in the name of all the competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them in the true spirit of sportsmanship - for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams.

Olympic Flame : Another important thing of the Olympic Games is the Olympic Flame. It was at the Amasterdain Games in 1928, for the first time this flame was lighted and burned at the entrance of the stadium. The modem version of the flame was adopted in 1936 at the Berlin Games. What is the significance of the flame? It symbolises the continuity between the ancient and modem games. The torch used to kindle the flame is first lit by the Suns race at Olympia - Greece. Then it is carried to the site of the Games by relays of runners. Sometimes ships, planes are used. On July 15 - 1976, space age technology was used to transport the flame.

What is the spirit of the Olympic Games? The spirit of the Olympic Games is that taking part is more important than winning. Arrangement of modern Olympic Games is really a stupendous and gigantic task. It requires billions of billions of dollars and thousands of persons work round the clock for many years. Nearly 15-16 thousand competitors of hundreds of countries will take part in the Games. The next Games (the 28th Games) will be held in Athens - 2004.

What is the position of India in the medal list? It is very tragic to say that India hasn’t got Gold after the death of Dhyanchand. This sorry state of affairs is due to lack of encouragement, caste and party elements while choosing competitors. The lack of regular and constant training is another major cause for our failure. We are 132 crores. But what is the use?

The Aims of Olympic Games

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The Aims of Olympic Games
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