The Capital Letters

The Capital Letters :

The chief rules for the use of capitals are given below.

(1) The first word of every new sentence and of every new line of poetry should begin with a capital.

The car was moving very rapidly. There was no
danger because the road was quite clear.
The way was long, the wind was cold,
The minstrel was infirm and old. (Scott)

(2) The Pronoun I and the Interjections Oh and O are always written with a capital.

My brother and I will return soon.
O dear me! Oh, what a lie!

(3) The first letter of a Proper Noun or a Proper Adjective is always a capital.

1. Raman
2. Kumaresan
3. Mary
4. John
5. Indian
6. Sri Lankan
7. American

(4) All Nouns and Pronouns which indicate the Deity are written with a capital letter.

1. God
2. The Almighty
3. The Lord
4. God protects those whom He loves, though we may not understand His ways.

(5) The capital is used to begin Direct Narration in a sentence.

He said, “Time is money.'

The Capital Letters :

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