The Conjunction AFTER 

The Conjunction AFTER :

AFTER is used as an adverb, as a preposition and as a conjunction.

1. They went to the film after dinner. (Preposition)

2. My brother died on 5th May – 2011 and was buried the day after. (Adverb)

3. They entered the room soon after I went there. (Conjunction)

AFTER : (Conjunction) - At a later time than (when)

1. I found your coat after you had left the house.

2. She started the business soon after she left the university.

3. After the pouring rain stopped, the sun shone again.

4. He will call me after he has spoken to my father.

5. Many days after my mobile was lost, it is found in a shop.

6. After he finished his studies in India, he went to Japan to take care of his ailing parents.

7. He arrived after all of us left his house yesterday.

The Conjunction AFTER

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