The Conjunction ALTHOUGH

The Conjunction ALTHOUGH :

ALTHOUGH : (conjunction)

In spite of the fact that

ALTHOUGH and THOUGH are subordinating conjunctions.

ALTHOUGH and THOUGH are used to connect a subordinate clause to a main clause.

1. They are generous although they are poor.

2. Although my car is very old, it still runs very well.

3. The price increase will obviously be unpopular, although it's unlikely to reduce demand.

4. The closure of petrol bunks on Sundays will be unpopular although it will not help reduce the consumption of petroleum products.

5. We have never heard of him although he is very famous.

6. The road is not very wet, although it has rained.

7. She looks quite beautiful although she has been ill.

8. They will not come to this college, although they have paid their fees.

9. We have to pay the fees today, although the due date is over few days ago.

10. Although it is raining, we have to go to Chennai by anyway.

The Conjunction ALTHOUGH


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