The Conjunction AS

The Conjunction AS :

As : (conjunction) (used in comparison)

1. She doesn't work as well as she used to.

As : in the way or manner that

1. Do as I say.

As : while & when

1. I saw her as she was getting off the bus.
2. As the elections approached, the violence got worse.

As : because

1. As I have no car, I can't get there easily.

As : though

1. Improbable as it seems, it's true.
2. He is not as old as I am.
3. He ran away from home, as his brother had the year before.
4. In Chennai, as in Trichy, they use a lot of coconut oil in cooking.
5. I am no orator as Brutus was.
6. As we had very little money, we went without lunch.
7. As there wasn't any time, we didn't go to the theatre.
8. As Jim had not practiced, he didn't win the race.

The Conjunction AS

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