The Conjunction IF 

The Conjunction IF :

IF : (conjunction) - not usually followed by the future tense

Meanings : on condition that

Example Sentences :

1. We'll go if the weather stays fine.
2. But if it rains we stay at home.
3. I wonder if she is not mistaken.
4. I asked him if I could help him.
5. Bob wanted to know if he might go to the cinema that evening.
6. He asked John if he had seen his glasses.
7. I am sure the teacher will help you, if you want him to.
8. Sam is willing to be taught, if you want him to be.
9. If I had a million pounds, I would buy you a luxury plane.
10. If it is wet, Margaret wears a rain coat.
11. Even if the rain coat is an old one, Margaret wears it.
12. If I speak slowly, Fret won't understand me.
13. If you owned a space-ship, you would travel to the moon.
14. If Balu had USD $ 100,000, he would travel round the world.
15. If Alan were less fat, he would be able to run.
16. If she didn't take an umbrella with her, she would get wet.
17. What would he say if I offered him a cigarette?
18. I should feel amused if I was told a funny story.
19. It might be better if he got a better job.
20. If you were extremely rich, what would you do tomorrow?
21. What might happen if a boy of twelve tried to drive in Chennai?

The Conjunction IF

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