The Conjunction THAN

The Conjunction THAN :

THAN : (conjunction)

THAN is used for introducing the second part of an unequal comparison.

THAN is used for introducing the less acceptable choice in statements of what one wants to do.

THAN means except other than.

1. I know him better than you do.

2. You may know him well, but I know him better.

3. I'd rather play tennis than go swimming with you.

4. You leave me no option than to resign.

5. Scarcely had I started to speak when he began to argue with me.

6. She is taller than I.

7. I like her better than you.

8. Her bark is worse than her bite.

9. Going to Chennai is far better than going to Delhi to complete my project.

10. She said she'd rather leave her job than be forced to work for such an unpleasant man.

The Conjunction THAN

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