The Conjunction THAT

The Conjunction THAT :

That : (conjunction)

THAT is used for introducing various kinds of clauses.
THAT is used after verbs, nouns or adjectives.

1. She said that she would come early.
2. The rules state quite clearly that smoking is not allowed.
3. The reason was that he forgot.
4. He spoke in such a rude manner that she refused to reply.
5. We rejoice that you are safe.
6. I think that it's fine.
7. I'm glad that you passed your exam.
8. It's interesting that you should like him.
9. It's probable that we'll be a little late.
10. It was really astonishing that she refused to talk to you.
11. It occurred to me that she might have forgotten the date.
12. It seems obvious that we can't go on like this.
13. It is important that everyone should be informed about it.
14. It is important that everyone be informed about it.

The Conjunction THAT

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