The Conjunction UNLESS

The Conjunction UNLESS :

UNLESS : (conjunction)

UNLESS is not used of imaginary events.
UNLESS can only be used instead of IF NOT.

Meanings :

1. if not
2. except
3. on the condition that

Example Sentences :

1. Come tomorrow unless I phone.
2. Come tomorrow if I do not phone.
3. I will accept the job unless the pay is too low.
4. I will accept the job if the pay is not too low.
5. I will be back tomorrow unless there is a transport strike.
6. Let's have dinner out unless you are too tired.
7. She wouldn't marry him unless she liked him.
8. I shall not go to the party unless I am invited.
9. Do not leave this place unless you are instructed to do so.
10. Unless she agrees to live with me, the marriage will have to end in divorce.

The Conjunction UNLESS

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