The Conjunctions IF and THAT

The Conjunctions IF and THAT :

IF : (conjunction)

IF is not usually followed by the future tense.

IF means on condition that….

1. We will go if weather permits.
2. I will pay the fees only if I get the admission letter.
3. If you are faithful to me I will remain your partner.

IF means supposing that….

1. Just ask my son if he needs any help.
2. Ask your daughter if she comes tomorrow or next week.

IF means accepting that….
IF means although….

1. We will have the show even if it rains.
2. They will certainly come here even if they are not invited.

IF is used like that after words expressing surprise, sorrow or pleasure.

1. I'm sorry if she's annoyed.
2. I don't care if she is ten years older than me. I love her.
3. We are worried if she would ever agree to this proposal.

IF is used when giving advice.

1. If I were you, I would not come to this function.
2. If I were you, I'd leave at once.
3. If I were you, I would marry her at once.

It is not / It's not as if / (often expressing annoyance)

1. It is not true that….
2. I don't know why he is so mean.
3. It isn't as if he hasn't got any money. He has plenty of money.

THAT : (conjunction)

THAT is used for introducing various kinds of clauses.

THAT is used after verbs, nouns or adjectives.

1. He said that he would come early.
2. I am afraid that I can't help you.
3. We are confined that we could not come to school today.

THAT is used as if in answering a question beginning with what.

1. The reason was that he forgot to attend the meeting.
2. Bring it closer so that I can see it better.
3. We are happy that you are safe.
4. He is the man that I am telling you about.
5. My daughter is contented that she got admission in this university.

THAT is used for introducing a clause. (in, on, for or at which)

1. He has never been here that I know of.
2. We are going to Delhi that you fought for.

THAT is used for introducing an expression of desire.

1. Oh that I could go to the Moon!
2. I wish I could go to the Moon.

The Conjunctions IF and THAT

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