The Conjunctions SINCE and OR

The Conjunctions SINCE and OR :

It may be noted that the same word may be used either as a preposition or conjunction.

Study the following.

1. Stay till Tuesday.
2. I will be here till you finish the work.
3. I have not met her since Friday.
4. We will come there since you ask us to do so.
5. I will die for my country.
6. I have to live in this world for some more time for I have to clear huge debts.
7. The man ran after his wife.
8. I came after the meeting was over.
9. Everyone except the Prime Minister was present.
10. I tried but I didn't succeed.
11. I stood before my dead wife.
12. Look before you go.

SINCE : (conjunction)

SINCE is used with the present perfect or past perfect tenses

They will not play this match against our team since we have not paid the fees.

SINCE is used after the past time when…

It has been years since I read such a novel as this.

SINCE is used as it is a fact that….

Since you can't solve this problem we'd better ask someone else.

SINCE is used meaning seeing that (or) in as much as….

Since you want it, it shall be given.
Since you will not wait, you shall not get the job.
Since you have not yet paid the college fees, you will not get the letter from the college.

OR - (conjunction)

OR is used often with either.

OR is used before the last of a set of possibilities.

She is either 25 or 26.
Did you or didn't you.

OR is used after a negative and not.

He never smokes or drinks.

OR means if not (or) otherwise.

Wear your shirt or (else) you will not look decent.
Either say you are sorry or get out.

OR is used when giving a second name for something

that is
that means
it would be better to say

She is born in Madras or Chennai as it is now called.

OR means….

so about
at least or more
a minute or so

OR is used after singular nouns.

at least
or more
a minute or two
a rupee or two

Note : OR can be used when you want to limit or correct something you have said.

He is or he was a fine dancer.
It is going to rain tomorrow or that's what the forecast says.

The Conjunctions SINCE and OR

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