The Cry and The Laughter of The Saint

The Cry and The Laughter of The Saint :

“Your stories are interesting. Tell me one more,” said Vikram, taking the betal.

“In the holy town of Kasi, there was a Brahmin. His name was Eashwar. His wife was Akila. Eashwar had some immovable properties, like lands and a big house in which he lived then. He also has a cow named Saraswathi. The couple was very nice and kind to all. They were liked by all the people living in the surroundings.

Eashwar was a Vedic scholar. He taught Vedic lessons to the children without charging any money. Akila taught the children all the devotional songs. Thus, in spite of their peace of mind, there was one thing that kept bothering them. They had no children!

One day, a Brahmin prohit visited them. On hearing their plight, he said, “Kind, Dasaratha performed Ashvamedha Yajna and was blessed with four sons. So, there is nothing that a Yajna cannot get. Do that and appease God. Your worries will be wiped off!”

Eashwar did as he was told. The couple was blessed with a male baby! They named him as Rahul. Soon, Rahul grew up and became a handsome youth. On another occasion, Eashwar called an astrologer to show Rahul’s horoscope. On seeing the horoscope and referring it with the right palm of Rahul, the astrologer was shocked!

He took Eashwar aside and spoke up, “I am sorry to say this. Your son’s life-span is short. But don’t lose heart. Keep praying to the God. Pray to Lord Shiva. And perform an Ashuyu homam! The latter is to strengthen his life line! The influence of the fate can be overcome by God’s grace!”

Once again, Eashwar did everything….yet the tragedy struck! One early morning, Rahul complained of chest pain. Sometime later, he breathed his last! Eashwar, Akila and the entire town plunged into deep sorrows.

The devastated couple wept non-stop, beside Rahul’s body. So were their friends and relatives. “What harm have I done to anyone? Why should the God be so cruel to me? How will I live without him?” Eashwar uttered in pain.

“The influence of the fate can be overcome by God’s grace!

The astrologer’s final prediction kept ringing in his ears. This gave a ray of hope in the gloomy and pathetic situation then! Eashwar, like any other father, wished it to become true. But, would such a miracle happen?

Akila knew that it was the end of the road! She did not want to live any more. She had made up her mind to end her life which was not possible then with too many people around!

Meanwhile, Rahul’s last journey commenced. There was a big crowd of men and women in the funeral procession. At last, it reached the cremation ground. After chanting some mantras, Rahul’s body was laid on the pyre. None in the crowd could bear this sight! Their crying noise was deafening.

Meanwhile it happened!

An aged saint was meditating at one corner. Crying sound from the town disturbed him. He opened his eyes and saw. What he saw was touching to him. He saw the body of a young person being laid on the pyre. He had been meditating there for quite some time then. And he had seen numerous dead persons cremated there. But, he had never felt so sad about a death!

Something stirred him from inside his heart! Was it God’s voice? He could not make out. Then he did something very strange! He suddenly cried. Then he immediately laughed! The crowd over there looked at him quizzically. The next moment, the saint collapsed dead on the same spot! It was the God’s voice that told his soul to discard his own body and enter into Rahul’s.

Hence, the moment he fell dead, Rahul came awake! He glanced around. Immediately his parents hugged him affectionately. He was pulled out of the pyre. It was like a dream that came true!

"The influence of the fate can be overcome by God’s grace!

Eashwar, who recollected it, understood what had happened. Now he felt, it was his duty to perform the last rites for the dead saint who sacrificed his life for Rahul and revived him.

The betal now cried and laughed. “Answer me, Vikram, of course, the saint did a noble thing. But prior to that, why did he cry and then laugh?”

“He cried because his soul was leaving the body in which it dwelled for so many years. He then laughed, for his soul was entering into a young, handsome boy!

“Exactly, now let me leave your company,” the betal cut the conversation and flew away!

The Cry and The Laughter of The Saint

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The Cry and The Laughter of The Saint - The Cry and The Laughter of The Saint
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