The Day Dreamer

The Day Dreamer :

When king Vikram went to the Peepul tree, the betal mocked. “You are a trier. Aren’t you, O’ king Vikram? Listen to my next story,” it went on to recount another.

Once there lived a rich man called Aparjeet. He had many servants. But among them, he chose Krish better known as Cranky Krish who was staying in the bungalow as a full time servant.

Cranky Krish was a lazy fellow. Often Aparjeet fired him. But he did not have the heart to send him out, because Cranky Krish was an orphan and that if he was sacked, he would not get a job anywhere.

Besides, Cranky Krish was a day dreamer! He would dream that he was a king or a prince or a rich or influential person. It irritated Aparjeet when he spoke aloud when dreaming!

One afternoon, he had another funny dream! In the dream, he was the rich man and his master Aparjeet was his servant! And he began to speak aloud. “Hey, you foolish Aparjeet! How many times do I have to tell you to water the garden? See they have gone dry.”

Aparjeet was just passing that side. He was shocked to hear him calling his name. The next moment, he slapped Cranky Krish who woke up with a shock. Realizing his stupid dream, he fell at the feet of Aparjeet.

That time, Aparjeet could not excuse him. He called other servants and told them to toss him out. Others who hated him got a chance then! They caught hold of his neck and dragged him to the gate and they kicked him on his back!

Cursing his ill-luck, Cranky Krish walked on. After wandering for a long time, he saw a saint meditating. Just then, he saint finished his meditation and looked up, Cranky Krish fell at his feet. “O’ holy one, please help me. I want to become a rich. Please have some mercy and fulfill my prayer,” he begged.

The saint felt sorry for him. “Let me tell you a mantra. If you want your dream to come true, chant this mantra after you have become awaken in the morning. Your dream will come true!” he taught him the mantra!

That night Cranky Krish dreamed of becoming rich. The moment he woke up, he chanted the mantra. Alas! In no time, he became rich wearing costly dresses owning a big bungalow and a group of servants. He enjoyed this luxury for about a month. However, he began to hate this life! Of course he was rich and had all that he wished. But, there ended all the similarities. His servants did not give him the scant respect! When he asked for water, they would offer the bowl in their left hand.

Next he dreamt that he was the son-in-law of another rich man. After he woke up he said the mantra and his dream had come true! He had married a rich man’s daughter and stayed m their bungalow itself.

But all the same! Neither his wife nor anybody over there regarded him. He thought of taking some money from his father-in-law and go elsewhere to start some business.

“The new place would suit me well. And the new people there would not disregard me,” he thought. That night, he dreamed as he wished. He said the mantra as the first thing! His dream became true. Then he became a businessman in another town!

Yet, the other businessmen did not care for him! His wife refused to stay with him. She went back to her father. The worried Cranky Krish went to the saint and appealed to him. That time his appeal was a different one!

He pleaded to the saint to take back the boon! “I no longer need your favor!” he uttered. “You talk like a fool!” the saint hit back. “Mind you. Favor or curse once given can never be taken back. If you don’t want your dream come true, stop saying the mantra after you wake up. Now go away, I don’t want to see an idiot like you!” chased the saint.

The betal, then asked the question. “Tell me Vikram, Cranky Krish longed for richness. But why did he ask the saint to take back the boon?”

“That is because, though he was rich, he was not getting even a scant respect from others, not even from his wife and servants. Hence he told the saint so!” answered king Vikram.

“Your answer is short and sweet. And so will be my company with you!” said the betal, going back to the Peepul tree!

The Day Dreamer

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