The Declarative Sentences 

The Declarative Sentences :

This kind of sentence speaks about our opinions and factual statements. Our daily communications in English mostly get confined to this level of sentences. Although we use other sentences, we mostly use this kind of sentence. Either in our houses, in communities or in our place of work, we use this sentence widely. Think of our communication in our daily life. Most of the sentences are to give other people information or to command. We tell people what we want. We give them answers to questions that they raise. We share ideas we have, tell people our opinions… in short, we are making declarations about the world as we see around us. This kind of communication is what declarative sentences are meant for.

Examples of Declarative Sentences :

There are innumerable examples for this kind of sentence. Here we have given few sentences of this type.

A man's success depends chiefly on himself. (Affirmative)

He is a very good painter. (Affirmative)

He did not get much help from others. (Negative)

She does not know painting. (Negative)

It runs.

He sings.

He likes climbing.

The price of a car has gone up.

The newspaper report is wrong.

The Prime Minster goes to France today.

The vehicle is not in good condition.

Q is rarely used in English Language.

My name is not RAAVI.

Franz is sad.

She is not my would-be.

They are not engaged yet.

My car is black.

Dogs are barking.

He is seven years old.

The sky is blue.

He loves reading.

Thor and Odin are the major gods in Norse mythology.

New Delhi is the capital of India.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Japan is economically advanced country.

Horses are valuable animals.

The scooter is white.

Ice is cold.

Parts of a Declarative Sentence

Subject + Predicate + punctuation

This is usual format of a Declarative Sentence.

My car is black.

My car : Subject

Is black : Predicate

. : Punctuation mark to end the sentence

The sentences given in the example section above will fit in this format of this kind of sentence. Declarative Sentence should end in period, should have subject before the verb and should share information about something or someone. Declarative sentences are most common type of sentences that one could find in the news paper and fiction-books. We could write an entire page without using any other type of sentences in that page.


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The Declarative Sentences :

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