The Exclamatory Sentences

The Exclamatory Sentences :

The sentences which express some sudden feeling, such as pleasure, anger or surprise, about something which has been said or done, are classified as Exclamations or exclamatory sentences. They usually begin with How or What and the verb is often omitted.

How wonderful!
How kind of you!
What a shame!
What a piece of luck!
How noble of him to do that!
How clever of you!
What a beautiful flower that is!
What exceptional children these are!
Fantastic, we closed the deal!
What a pleasant surprise!
What treachery!
What awful weather!
Wow, that was a thrilling ride!
Brilliant, he solved the puzzle!
Awesome, she got the job!
Ouch, your word really hurts!
How kind of him to help the old man!
What a nice evening!
How thoughtless of him not to have locked the house!

There are few exclusive words or phrases which are used only to express our expressions.

Exclamatory Words


While writing a story or a prose, use few exclamatory sentences so that the writing will become spicy and interesting. Many authors of reputation are used to sprinkle these exclamatory words in their writings in order to make their writings more occupying. Use exclamatory sentences to show sincere and honest emotions to bring your reader into your writings.

There are few rules which should be used while using exclamatory words.

Rule Number One :

If the noun in the sentence is plural, the correct choice of exclamatory word is what, not how. What is used with singular nouns as well.

What exceptional children they are! - correct form
How exceptional children they are! - incorrect form

Rule Number Two :

When you are punctuating an exclamatory sentence, the exclamation mark has to be at the end of the sentence, not in the middle of the sentence.

Fantastic, we clinched the deal! – correct form
Fantastic! we clinched the deal.- incorrect form

Exclamatory sentences in function

The function or the purpose of an exclamatory sentence is to express a strong emotion like anger, frustration, happiness, elation, sorrow, pain, surprise, fear, worry and a lot more.

Who do you think you are!

Exclamatory sentences in form

exclamatory sentence in form is the way words are arranged within an exclamatory sentence.

What a pleasant surprise!
What treachery!
What awful weather!


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The Exclamatory Sentences :

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