The Imperative Sentences

The Imperative Sentences :

This sentence gives a command. Such sentences are called imperative sentences.

Open the door.

These sentences contain some command, request, entreaty or wish. They are otherwise classified as Desires or imperative sentences. Basically they tell other what to do or what not to do.

Rely chiefly on your own efforts. (Command)
Lend me a pen. (Request)
Save me. (Entreaty)
God! Save the Queen! (Wish)
Complete your project in time. (Command)
Make your life colorful and successful. (Wish)
Open the door.
Type this letter.
Clinton, resign from your office today.
John, donate your one-month salary to this cause.
Hire few more employees before next month.
Send out the pay-slips today.
Face the consequences.
Do not run away from the problems.
Do not play with fire.
Do not run behind the bus.
Do not give up.

These sentences have special slot among the kinds of sentences. They are sometimes funny. They are quite often used to make fun of others or to make the situations funny.

Types of Imperative Sentences

These sentences are used

To Share a request
To wish
To Share an Invitation
To Share a request
To Give instructions
To command

How to Write an Imperative Sentence?

Imperative Sentence is not begun with a subject. Usually we avoid the subject while writing the Imperative Sentence. We begin this sentence with the verb.

1. Use this pencil.
2. Come here.
3. Open the window.

In all the above sentences, only the VERB comes first.

And we can add the name of the person who is supposed to carry out the order or command or wish in the sentence.

Rao, open the book.
Mary, bring the box here.
Julie, write the questions on the board.

These sentences specifically mention the names of the persons who should carry the command mentioned in these sentences.

When to Use an Imperative Sentence?

One should know when to use this type of sentence either in written or in spoken forms. We use imperative sentences without our knowledge. We are so familiar with these sentences. We use these sentences for the purposes of

1. express our wishes to someone

Be with us till the completion of the function.
Eat well.

2. invite someone

Come to the wedding function.

3. give an order

Carry the tool-box with you.

4. command the attention of someone

Please, assemble here before 4 pm.

5. demands something from someone

Pay the fees by time.

These sentences make sense.


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The Imperative Sentences :

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