The Imperative

The Imperative :

The Active Imperative form is the same as the basic form of the verb.

1. Since Sally began yesterday, today it is your turn. Please begin.

2. I don't think you bit hard enough. Bite again.

3. You chose the wrong answer. Choose another one.

4. You have cried enough. Cry no more.

5. You did it perfectly the first time. Do it again.

6. You haven’t dug deep enough. Dig some more.

7. If you already drank all the orange juice, drink some water.

8. You ate your potatoes; now eat your vegetables.

9. If you already fed the cat. then please feed the dog.

10. If you didn’t get a winning number, get another one.

11. Joe went just a minute ago; go after him.

12. Last year the students kept their rooms very neat. Keep your own room just as clean and neat.

13. Who lit the first candle? Light the others now.

14. Your sister mowed the lawn last week. Mow it before you go to town.

15. You have overslept once too often. Do not oversleep one more time.

16. I noticed that your accomplice pled guilty. Plead “not guilty.”

17. Since I paid last time, you pay this time.

17. I told them not to make so much noise. Tell them again.

19 If you haven’t taken your shower yet, then take one now.

20. If you rode the subway here, then ride it back home.

21. Since the others ran this morning, you run this afternoon.

22. I wasn’t here when you sang that song. Please sing it for me.

23. I swam a mile this morning. Now you swim.

24. This room hasn’t been swept. Please sweep before the guests arrive.

25. The team won the game yesterday. Win this one today.

The Imperative

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