The Interjection

The Interjection :

The Interjection, properly speaking, is not a Part of Speech, since it has no grammatical connection with any other word or words in the sentence.

It is merely an exclamatory sound, thrown into a sentence to denote strong feeling or emotion. Some are rarely heard though often seen in books.

Interjections are not words connected, as other words are, with other parts of a sentence, but mere sounds standing by themselves and thrown into a sentence to express some feeling of the mind.

My son, alas! is not industrious.

Here ALAS is a sound thrown into the sentence to express regret.

1. Joy : Hurrah!
2. Grief : Oh! ah! alas!
3. Amusement : Ha! Ha!
4. Approval : Bravo!
5. Reproof : Fie! fie!
6. Contempt or ridicule : Stuff! bosh ! tut-tut! tush!
7. To call someone : Hi! halloa!
8. Doubt : Hum! hem ! humph!

There are certain phrases which are used like Interjections to express some strong feeling or emotion.

1. Ah me! Woe is me!
2. For shame (= alas, on account of shame!)
3. Hail, all hail (= be hale or healthy!) Welcome! Well done!
4. Good-bye! (= God be with ye!) Adieu! Farewell!
5. Bad luck to it! O dear me (= O dear or costly for me!)
6. Good gracious! Good heavens! Well, to be sure! (Surprise)

There are certain Moods of Verbs and parts of speech which can be used in an Exclamatory or Interjectional sense.

(a) Noun-Infinitive : To think that he should have died!
(b) Subjunctive : Would that I had gained that prize! (Wish)
(c) Imperative : Hear! hear! (Applause)
(d) Noun : Dreadful sight! Foolish fellow! Fool! Dunce!
(e) Adjective (with some Noun understood) : Strange! Shocking!
(f) Adverb : How very kind of you! How wonderful!
(g) Pronoun : What a sad thing it is!
(h) Conjunction : If only I could see him once more!

Sometimes in a rapid or exclamatory sentence an Auxiliary Verb with its Subject is left out and only the main Verb is expressed.

Why dream and wait for him longer? (= Why do you or why do we wait for him longer?)

List of Interjections

There are many interjections we use quite often in our conversations. But we have listed only hundred of them.

1. ah
2. a-ha
3. ahem
4. alas
5. amen
6. aw
7. awesome
8. bada bing
9. bah
10. baloney
11. big deal
12. bingo
13. boo
14. boohoo
15. booya
16. boy (boy oh boy)
17. bravo
18. brilliant
19. brrr
20. bull
21. bye (bye-bye)
22. cheers
23. come on (c'mon)
24. cool
25. cowabunga
26. dang
27. darn (darn it)
28. dear me
29. duck
30. duh
31. eh
32. enjoy
33. excellent
34. fabulous
35. fantastic
36. fiddledeedee
37. finally
38. for heaven's sake(s)
39. fore
40. foul
41. freeze
42. gee (gee whiz, gee willikers)
43. giddyap (giddyup)
44. golly (good golly, golly gee willikers)
45. goodbye
46. good grief
47. good heavens
48. gosh
49. great
50. great balls of fire
51. ha
52. hallelujah
53. heavens (heavens above, heavens to Betsy)
54. heigh-ho
55. hello
56. help
57. hey (hey there)
58. hi (hiya)
59. hip, hip, hooray
60. hmm
61. ho ho ho
62. holy mackerel (holy moley, holy Moses, holy smokes)
63. ho-hum
64. hooray (hurrah, hurray)
65. howdy (howdy do)
66. huh
67. ick
68. indeed
69. jeez
70. kaboom
71. kapow
72. lordy (lordy, lordy)
73. mama mia
74. man
75. marvelous
76. my
77. my goodness (my heavens, my stars, my word)
78. nah
79. no problem
80. no way (no way José)
81. nope
82. nuts
83. oh (oh boy, oh dear, oh my, oh my gosh, oh my goodness, oh no, oh well)
84. OK (okay)
85. ouch
86. ow
87. please
88. poof
89. shh
90. super
91. swell
92. welcome
93. well
94. whoop-de-doo
95. woo-hoo
96. wow
97. yabba dabba doo
98. yadda, yadda, yadda
99. yippee
100. yummy

The Interjection :

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