The Interrogative Sentences

The Interrogative Sentences : The sentences which inquire about something are classified as Questions or interrogative sentences.

Have you finished your work?

This sentence asks the listener whether he / she has finished his / her work. To know something, we have to raise the relevant question which will fetch the correct answer from the other person. This is the only option we have to know of what is happening around us. There are any things happening around us. Those things incite our curiosity. So, we are propelled to ask question. Either in the class-rooms or in the work-places, we are supposed to ask questions so that we come to know what we need to know. The same condition prevails for others as well. Others also have to ask questions to know what they want to know. By asking questions, you can do a lot of different things. You can get information. You can make requests or suggestions. You can offer or get clarifications. Obviously this page will answer all your questions about interrogative sentences! This type of sentence is must for a language. No language will flourish without the help of questions.

Examples of this type of sentence :

Where are you going?

Who is your mother?

Where is you cycle?

What is your name?

What is your native place?

Which place do you live in?

Where is his car?

How is your car driving?

Who is your boss?

Where is my wrist-watch?

How is you mother?

Is your father in London?

Have you all bought your uniforms?

When will the school get reopened?

Are you ok?

Parts of an interrogative sentences :

Subject :

Where is my car?

MY CAR is the subject of this question.

Pronoun :

Who is she?

SHE is the pronoun.

Linking Verb :

Are you admitted in this school?

ARE is the linking verb.

Action Verb :

Are you admitted in this school?

ADMITTED is the action verb.

Types of interrogative sentences :

YES / NO question :

For this type of questions, the answer can be given in mono syllable yes / no.

Are you now in Chennai?

Did you get you scooter?

Is your sister in this group?

WH questions :

Who is your mother?

Where is you cycle?

What is your name?

Tag Questions :

You have bought a new house. Are not you?

He is your neighbour. Is not he?

Here the question mark is added at the end by tagging the negative for of the sentences.


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