The Juggler

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The Juggler :

India is a vast and variegated land. And so are her professions. The juggler is one who performs tricks. He is not a magician. In our country there are nomads. They do not stay in one particular place. They wander from one place to another performing their hereditary job. For example the snake charmers, bear and monkey charmers and jugglers and so on. These people work hard to earn money and they don’t beg.

Life doesn’t mean all work. People require some entertainment to relax themselves and make life pleasant and enjoyable. Even in these days of TVV and Cinema, the juggler is a familiar person in villages, small towns and at fairs. In big cities, there is not much open space where a juggler can give his performance. There is another problem. The police don’t allow them to show their feats which attract big crowds, causing traffic jams. The city people have so many other attractions and means of recreations. The educated people in particular can’t afford to waste their time over it. They are very fond of clubs, coffee houses, pictures, exhibitions and matches. So a juggler in popular among the children, women and old men. They stand amazed at his wonderful tricks and gimmicks.

After selecting a suitable place for his performance, he begins to play the flute. The boy with him begins to beat the little drum. The juggler produces different tunes to attract large crowd of people. He is clever, witty and quick and full of fun. The spectators usually wonder at his timely jokes and witticism. After drawing the attention of the crowd, he begins his show with a few minor tricks. They include the appearance and disappearance of small balls in cups, taking out a few small balls from his empty mouth, throwing in the air a rope which stands erect there and producing a bird or two from an empty basket.

Then he shows his ball tricks which are very interesting and surprising. He takes a number of balls and throws them up in quick succession. The balls keep revolving in a circle without any of them falling on the ground. This feat depends upon the ingenuity of his hand and regular practice.

The most exciting trick of the juggler is the killing of his assisting boy. The boy sits down in a large empty basket. The juggler places the lid over it and covers the basket with a piece of cloth. Then he drives a sword through the middle of the basket and draws it out. The sword is red with blood. Everyone feels scared, thinking that the boy has been killed but it is not so. The juggler lifts the lid and the basket found empty. The boy is no more in it. He calls out the boy his name. The boy comes smilingly and jumping from the crowd. At the end of the show the juggler goes round with a bowl and asks the people money. The juggler is a useful member of the society because he entertains the people. He lives by his hard labour. He is not a beggar. So we must encourage and help such persons.

The Juggler

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