The Kinds of Adverbs
The Categories of Adverbs

The Kinds of Adverbs : The Categories of Adverbs :

Adverbs fall into three categories or kinds.

(i) Simple Adverbs
(ii) Interrogative Adverbs
(iii) Relative Adverbs

1. I can hardly believe the news.
[HARDLY - Adverb of manner - simple Adverb]

2. Why have you come so late?
[WHY - Interrogative Adverb]

3. I do not remember the day when I was born.
[WHEN - Relative Adverb]

1. Simple Adverb modifies some word.

1. An Interrogative Adverb does two functions.

a) It modifies a word
b) It also introduces a question.

1. A Relative Adverb modifies some word and also refers back to some word - Antecedent.

The Kinds of Adverbs : The Categories of Adverbs

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