The Kinds of Nouns

The Kinds of Nouns :

(i) A Common noun is a noun that is not the name of a single particular person, place, or thing. These nouns are used commonly among the people to speak of ordinary things.

Book, Sugar, River, Man etc. are common nouns.

(ii) A Proper noun is a noun that is the name of a single particular thing or person or place and is spelt with a capital letter.

James, London, China, India, The Ganges.... etc. are proper nouns.

(iii) A Collective noun is a noun such as committee or family that is the name of a group of people or things considered as a unit.

Collective nouns can be used with a singular or plural verb as circumstances warrant.

Examples :

1. a flock of birds
2. a flock of sheep
3. a flock of goats
4. a herd of goats
5. a herd of cattle
6. a herd of elephants
7. a pack of dogs
8. a pack of wolves
9. a school of whales
10. a shoal of fish
11. a swarm of bees
12. a pride of lions
13. a fleet : a collection of ships or vessels

14. an army : a large number of soldiers conducting themselves as a unit in a disciplined manner

15. a crowd : a large number of people

16. Jury : a group of people, chosen to hear a case in a court

(iv) An abstract noun

Abstract is a quality or concept rather than something real or solid.

Beauty is abstract but a house is not.

The word hunger is an abstract noun.

An abstract noun is usually the name of a quality, action, or state, considered apart from the object to which it belongs.

ABSTRACT is something that could be only felt….not seen or visible.

Examples :

1. Boyhood
2. Bravery
3. Brightness
4. Chemistry
5. Childhood
6. Courage
7. Darkness
8. Death
9. Goodness
10. Grammar
11. Growth
12. Hardness
13. Hatred
14. Honesty
15. Intelligence
16. Judgement
17. Kindness
18. Laughter
19. Manhood
20. Movement
21. Music
22. Normalcy
23. Obedience
24. Poverty
25. Sickness
26. Slavery
27. Sleep
28. Softness
29. Soft-ware
30. Theft
31. Truth
32. Vision
33. Whiteness
34. Widowhood
35. Wisdom
36. Youth

(v) A Concrete Noun :

A Concrete Noun is the very opposite of the abstract.

Concrete : existing as something real or solid, rather than as an idea or something imagined in the mind.

A car is a concrete object but speed is not.

Car - concrete noun
Speed - abstract noun

A Concrete Noun indicates something real, solid and that which can be felt by the five senses.

Examples : Car, House, Ground

The Kinds of Nouns

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