The King par Excellence

The King par Excellence :

“You won’t give ‘no’ as an answer. So, let me tell a story while you take me.”

Purushothaman was a great king. He was young, kind and courageous. Above all, his kindness knew no bounds! He governed extremely well that his subjects never felt desperate about anything. His good name and good deed spread far and wide!

One day, a young man from another country came to meet the king. He wanted to seek a job in the king’s court. His name was Kamlesh. Since, he was from another land, he was not permitted to see the king.

“We don’t encourage outsiders. It is for security reasons,” the guards refused admission.

For days together, Kamlesh hung around the palace hoping that the guards would take pity on him. But nothing worked out. He learnt that the king would go for hunting on every Friday and it gave him an idea!

He went near the forest and waited. Around midday, he saw the king galloping with two guards. They saw a group of grazing deer. The king wanted to catch them alive. But the herd started running helter-skelter on seeing them.

The king quickly ordered his men to split up and catch as many deer as possible. Then he himself chased a deer on the horse back. Kamlesh was watching everything. He sprinted after the king.

The deer then disappeared behind a bush! The king paused with disappointment. Only then, he realized that he had lost his way back! Because it was inside the dense forest and soon it became dark. The night was falling quickly!

The king was hungry and thirsty. But there was nothing to drink or eat. Meanwhile, he heard the cries of the wild animals! Fear gripped him. He tied his horse to a tree and climbed up to the branch. He was thinking to return the next morning.

Around midnight, he had a surprise!

“Your Majesty king, where are you?” asked a strange voice. He remained quiet…because it could be his enemies too. Then he saw a young man in the starlight.

It was Kamlesh! He saw the horse and looked up. He noticed the outline of the king on the tree branch.

“I saw you chasing the deer. So, I came searching for you. I know you must be hungry and thirsty. I have some fruits and water. Please come down and help yourself,” he spoke kindly.

That was how Kamlesh gained a place in the king’s heart and court. The next morning, the king appointed him as his advisor. Months quickly passed. Kamlesh proved his worthiness to the king.

One day, when Kamlesh was going rounds in a horse, he saw a nice looking woman around 20 years of age. He decided to seek her hand in marriage. From then on, Kamlesh and the woman met every day. As usual, one evening, he met her in the temple.

He spoke to her, “It is said that marriages are made in heaven! I would rather say that marriages are made in temples too. Will you marry me?” His approach had a sway over her. Immediately she agreed.

One day, Kamlesh told her to come to the court. Meanwhile, he had told the king about it. When she came, he introduced her to the king.

“I hear that you want to marry Kamlesh. Good, I will perform your marriage,” he spoke kindly.

But on seeing the king, the girl changed her mind! “I want to marry you, O’ king!” she replied.

It jolted the king and Kamlesh!

But the king was cool as he asked, “What made you to change your mind in marrying me?” he probed her.

“I want to live in a palace with all luxuries and servant girls. So, I want to marry you.”

At this juncture, Kamlesh said, “Your Majesty, she is like a child that cries for a toy. Please go ahead and marry her,” he was ready to sacrifice the girl.

The king told that girl, “Okay, all that you want is a palace and luxury. Kamlesh is like a younger brother to me. If I provide all that to Kamlesh, are you ready to marry him?”

The girl nodded in acceptance. In just under a month, the magnanimous king performed their marriage!

The betal ended the story. “Now tell me Vikram, whose act is grand? Kamlesh was ready to sacrifice the girl. He wanted to marry for the sake of the king. Similarly, the king provided a palace and all luxuries for the sake of Kamlesh. So, whose sacrifice is par excellence?”

“No doubt, it is the king’s. Though Kamlesh was his paid servant, he treated him like his own brother.”

“You spoke, so I fly back!” the betal left Vikram and headed back.

The King par Excellence

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