The Lost Ruby

The Lost Ruby :

Prince Habib and Princess Saira got married recently. They were on their honeymoon spree. They visited many countries. They were traveling around for nearly a month.

One day, they went to a nearby forest. They camped over there. It was cool and shady. They sat under a tree and relaxed. Princess Saira removed some of her jewels and kept them aside. There was an expensive ruby too among the jewels.

While they were munching some eatables, a pigeon from the tree top swooped down and picked up the ruby in its beak and shot back up the sky. One seeking this, Prince Habib ran after the bird.

Saira stood up and looked at the bird and her husband, uneasily, biting her finger nail. The bird flew far away. But Habib did not want to lose sight of it. He kept chasing it.

The pigeon flew over the hill and disappeared from his sight! Habib paused panicking. Then when he looked around. He realized the truth that he had lost his way! He could not recollect which way he had come! Every tree and every shrub looked alike!

But somehow, he managed to find his way back. But on arriving at the spot where they were camping, Saira was not there! He saw some of their things lying around on the ground “Where she had gone?” he mused.

Saira who waited for him for long took only important things and went in the direction he had chased the pigeon. Not knowing where she was heading for, she eventually reached another kingdom ruled by king Jaffer.

His guards took her to king Jaffer. Saira told him what had happened. King Jaffer was kind to her He said, “Never mind I will help you in tracing your husband. Let me send my guards and comb the forest. Meanwhile, you can be my guest!”

Saira stayed in the guest chamber in the palace. Meanwhile, Habib who was in hot pursuit of her, sat under a tree and rested for a while! Then he heard the chirping noise of the birds above. He looked up and saw two pigeons fighting. One was carrying something in its beak. The other wanted it. As he was looking at them, something fell down. Habib went and picked it up. It was the same ruby that the pigeon had taken early that day!

Feeling glad that he had got the lost ruby, he pocketed it and went ahead with a renewed spirit. By coincidence, he reached the same kingdom. There he enquired around. Some told him that a new princess had arrived there and she was staying in the royal guest house.

Habib stood thinking. If he went and told the king, he may believe or he may not. He might even punish him (Habib) for deserting her. So he planned and hit upon a solution!

He had some money with him.

The next day, he put on a disguise as a merchant and bought a bowl of honey and dropped the ruby stone in it. He then took it to the palace guards and told them to give the honey to the guest princess and bring back the bowl

Saira was pleased. She took the bowl of honey and emptied it in another bowl. At the bottom, she saw her lost Ruby! She understood that it was her husband who had brought it for her. It was a hint that he had located her!

She ran outside and saw Habib in a disguise. Then the royal couple got united together!

It pleased the king Jaffer too. He made all arrangements to send them back with respect and honor. Habib and Saira were seated in a chariot. They were escorted by ministers and guards!

Habib saw the ruby stone in Saira’s finger.

“It is this ruby that had separated us Throw it away!” he said.

“May be,” Saira said musically, “But remember, it is the same ruby that united us at last. Isn’t it?”

Habib considered that and nodded “Well, you are not wrong!” he smiled.

The Lost Ruby

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