The Loyal Advisors

The Loyal Advisors :

“You won’t sleep. Let me tell you another story,” spoke up the betal. “Once, there lived a king named, Mallick in the land of Magadha (Presently Bihar). He was young and handsome. He had ascended the throne at an early age after his father’s untimely death. He was not married yet. His mother compelled him to get married. So he was looking for a beautiful girl. He made a unique announcement! Accordingly, a drum beater stood on the raised platform at one corner in the market road and announced.

According to the announcement, the king, who wished to get married, is appealing to the parents of every girl to inform him before they perform their daughter’s marriage, so that the king would see the bride first and if he liked that girl, he would marry her!

Subsequent to this announcement, a businessman called Mohan Lai approached the king. He said that he was looking for a match for his daughter. “All right,” nodded king.

Mallick, “You know, I always go by the opinion of my two advisors? Let me first send them to see your daughter. After getting their feedback, I will decide!”

As usual, Mallick sent his two advisors. One was a mind-reader and an expert in studying the unspoken body language too. Another was like a psychologist. He could look at a person, talk to him, find out whether they were speaking the truth or not and capable of reading between the lines to know their inner thoughts! The two were really genius!

Mahan Lai showed his daughter to them. Her name was Indira. She was gorgeous. With a very fair complexion, round face, straight Grecian nose, celestial lips, square indented chin, beautiful eyes and average built.

Indira looked as a suitable bride for the king. But it is only external beauty. How about her characteristics, temperament, and other qualities?

“What do you do in your spare time? Will you help your mother?” one of them asked Indira. “We have adequate servants at home. So, my help is not necessary!” she replied.

“Will you help your father in his business?” enquired the second. “No. That is his duty to run his business!” she said and giggled. “But did he ever ask for your assistance?’’ he asked again.

She said, “Of course, he asked me once. But I refused. Who will want to sit and do math? Oh, horrible” she shuddered.

“But you did not answer my question. What actually you do in your spare time?”

“Nothing particular,” she said throwing her head dogmatically. When asked about her friends, she replied that they were all jealous of her.

The two men left the place. They found that Indira was no match. She was arrogant, uncooperative, big-mouthed and that she was sure to behave in the same manner with the king after her marriage with him. So, considering the overall welfare of the kingdom, they told the king to drop that proposal.

Weeks after that Indira’s father performed her marriage with a minister in king Mallick’s court.

One evening, it happened. When the king Mallick was riding through that street, he saw Indira standing on the terrace. With the slanting sun rays falling squarely on her, her striking beauty was magnified in its charm! It was like seeing the full moon in the sky!

Mallick got wild with his two advisors. “What a beautiful girl. I have missed, because of them,” he thought. The more he thought, the more furious he became with them. No sooner he returned to the palace, he ordered them to be hanged!

The betal tapped Vikram on his shoulder. “Are you sleeping, Vikram?” it asked.

“I have heard your story” Vikram said.

“Good,” the betal went on, “If so, tell me, was king Mallick right in his decision to punish the two advisors for giving him wrong feedback about Indira?”

“Not at all. The king saw only the external beauty of Indira. He did not speak to her, but the two advisors did. So, the king did not know what lies behind the beaming exterior of Indira. The king was so stupid in the head to have killed the two men! But, I would say all kudos to the two loyal advisors!”

The betal repeated his words. “And all kudos to you too, king Vikram for your praise-worthy judgement.”

The next moment, the betal disappeared!

The Loyal Advisors

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